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BIG STONE would like to present the news and introduce its lounge bar that has a unique and exceptional design and whose interior was built by a Lithuanian painter, Laisvis Janulis. The lounge bar is not only a great place for having dinner or supper but also for enjoying a cup of excellent coffee and a confectionery treat that has just been baked by BIG STONE conditery.


Our A'la Carte menu offers European cuisine dishes and provides each guest with an opportunity to discover that he/she appears to be a gourmet within, after visiting the restaurant at least once and tasting the highest quality dishes prepared by professional chefs. One of the most exclusive offers of THE BIG STONE restaurant includes a tasting menu featuring Jewish cuisine dishes. The restaurant holds up to 100 people. We look forward to seeing you 

VII-IV 11-21 hrs.

V-VI   11-22 hrs.

Valgykla SUMAZINTOS 24.jpg

​We serve breakfast on weekdays

I-V 7-10 hrs.

on weekend

VI-VII 7-11 hrs.

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