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Our hotel combines modernity and exceptional quality right in the centre of the city of Ukmergė. The BIG STONE is situated in one of the most ancient and most unique Lithuanian old towns. The hotel windows overlook splendid city scenery, which reveals the most beautiful corners of the city of Ukmergė in the sunshine. THE BIG STONE offers both an exclusive interior and high-quality services.

Here in the hotel you will discover 33 cosy and modern rooms appealing to lovers of elegant luxury, as well as exceptional materials, high quality and, of course, naturalness. In our hotel, comfort intertwines with elegance in every room detail.

THE BIG STONE HOTEL (formerly known as the Ukmergė Hotel) is located right in the centre of the city of Ukmergė. THE BIG STONE is open to those who travel on business or seek escape from the city noise. An exclusive design, high-quality service, fresh air and a filling breakfast will help you recover your strength and undertake new work tasks in good mood.

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